Passion Stabile

Fabian Dournaux
Passion Stabile
Bass steel, aluminum elements & flat latex paint
36 inches long x 21 ¼ inches high x 32 inches wide


Commissions are available.

About the Artist

A native of France, Fabian Dournaux was raised in a very creative milieu. His father was a resort developer and promoter in South America and the West Indies and his mother, an art dealer. His parents nurtured his natural artistic ability with art classes during his elementary and high school years until Dournaux enrolled as a student at the Beaux-Arts de Nice.

Dournaux began his long career as an art dealer in New York City, buying and selling American and French Impressionist paintings. Seven years ago, he returned to creating art. Inspired by Alexander Calder’s work, Dournaux has created unique mobiles, stabiles and most recently kinetic, wall-mounted painting / sculpture hybrids. Working from his artist’s studio in East Tennessee, he creates sculpture of all sizes for interiors and gardens.

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