Untitled, 1982

Edvins Strautmanis
Untitled, 1982
Oil on canvas
78x 65 inches

Signed and dated
Ex. Coll: Allan Stone Gallery, New York, NY

About the Artist

Born in Latvia, Edvins Strautmanis emigrated to Chicago with his family in 1950. Shortly thereafter he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago where he became enamoured with Abstract Expressionism, particularly the work of Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning. Before moving to New York Strautmanis exhibited in Chicago.

By 1970 Strautmanis was living in New York. The move to New York was pivotal for him. He began creating really large works, usually on the floor, using sweeping, gestural movements – his “calligraphic strokes” using enormous brushes and brooms. The colors are gorgeous, thick and lush and the paint surface has a tactile, experiental quality. Strautmanis’s creative force is palpable and speaks to the viewer on emotional and intellectual levels.

Strautmanis enjoyed success as a 2nd generation Abstract Expressionist. He exhibited at the LoGiudice Gallery, Stephen Rosenberg Gallery and was part of legendary Abstract Expressionist dealer Allan Stone’s stable of artists. The artist’s work is in the collections of the Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University and Ringling Museum, Sarasota.

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