Young Apple Tree

Wolf Kahn
Young Apple Tree
Pastel on paper
22 x 30 inches

Signed (at lower right) W Kahn 1985

Ex. Coll: Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, MA, 1985, inventory # 17304; to private collection, Bantam, CT until 2014.

About the Artist

Wolf Kahn’s color-filled landscapes are so iconic that for many, they have become synonymous with rural America. In paintings and pastels like Maple Row, October, he simultaneously captures the restrained beauty of the New England country side and renders it new with energy and vibrant color.

Kahn was born in Germany in 1927. He left Germany with his family in 1939 for England and immigrated to New York City year later. From 1941-1945 young Kahn studied at the High School of Music & Art before serving in the Navy for a time. After finishing his stint in the Navy, Kahn continued his art studies, first with Stuart Davis, and subsequently with fellow German-American, Hans Hofmann, at his School.