TRANSITION: The changing earth

TRANSITION: The changing earth
August 20 - October 24, 2021


Maryalice Huggins, a multimedia artist is versed in several disciplines including monotype printmaking, sculpture, drawing and collage. She uses organic materials such as hand-made papers, graphite, charcoal and earth pigments, as well as found objects, building materials and clay to express a narrative about altered life and the impact of climate change throughout time. She is interested in expressing ways of human transformation, beliefs derived from different cultures, both ancient and current.

In 2021 Huggins created a series of topographical images using sheets of Himalayan Lokta papers. (A hand-made paper, in continuous use since the 12th century in Nepal used by Buddhist monks to print mantra onto prayer wheels). Huggins manipulates the paper to create two-dimensional desert landscapes where the light and shadows on mountains, ravines and wells of evaporated lakes are shaded in shifting directions. Unidentifiable forms of new life soar above the barren terrain.

In large gestural drawings, Huggins renders bold, energetic strokes to convey chaotic energy. Through a jumble of ascending plants, animals and isolated shapes of various dimensions, Huggins strives for order through balance and space.

Lyrical Sculpture
A blue wrapped mummified man, with a sponge head, represents a culture of seafaring phallus worshippers. At the bottom of the ocean this human body is being transferred to the next life, joining the mystical, aquatic underworld.

Ceramic Stoneware Heads
Ceramic resting heads are intended to lay or lean upon the gravestones of departed ancestors as a way of expressing gratitude, devotion and connection. Other more rounded shapes in the forms of animals are talismans to be placed in the crevices of uneven New England stone walls for good luck.